Welcome to the twisted world where high standards, good business and hard work are a way of life. Music is our passion and the music industry is where we thrive.  We are a motivated unit that loves both the business and the music. Because of this appreciation, we are committed to bringing you product of the highest quality.

Some say that the underdogs can't succeed, but in MTR's world underdogs learn that if you believe, you can achieve. Last but not least, remember that with no sacrifice there is no victory.
Mentally Twisted Records, LLC. is an independent record label based in Austin, Texas that has been around since 1999. Building from the ground up, MTR has overcome many obstacles in the music industry and we are still moving. MTR takes the music industry very seriously because music is our passion and we love the industry.
MTR's mission is to have artists that can bring variety to the label and will appeal to potential audiences. MTR wants the world to know that we are here to entertain them and our name will not fade. MTR will be here.